Wednesday, 15 May 2013

New blog - whoopee!

Somehow, in some perhaps extraordinarily exciting way, you have stumbled upon this blog of mine - welcome (to the house of fun, do-do-do-do-do...) ^_^ Here you will find my creative exploits and adventures as I continue to doodle, tattoo and craft my way through life. Hop on board, grab a seat and I'll be round with the hostess trolley shortly. Cake, anyone?

In posts after this introductory extravaganza, you'll be able to follow my doodlings, learnings of whatever crafts I can get my hands on and my journey into the world of tattooing. It's all very exciting. Also in my artyfarty world is Mehndi, the art and application of henna. In essence, I'll have a go at anything :)

Outside the world of artycraftyloveliness, I read, write, and when I'm in the car; I like to look out of the window, sing loudly and pretend I'm in a music video. I'm rather fond of music, I find it inspires and soothes me a lot. As a Spoonie, I spend a lot of time sleeping and learning to take care of myself, but loving and living my life nevertheless.

So, here I am; Marie, aged 21, Cumbrian.

Let's go!

Below you can see today's creation :) Over the past few months, I've been working on this monster for my local Hobbycraft store. I've really enjoyed all 55 hours it's taken to complete - especially all the glitter and sparkly things! :P
But today it was finally, and proudly, completed, and this is what I have to show you;

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